is sole agent in Egypt for several International Companies in the Medical field such as:

DRGEM – Planmed – Scanray – Medilink – NewTom – Spellman – BMI
DREAMS is accredited by the Ministry of Industry as all our Medical devices and spare parts are well calibrated.

Our Vision:
• To access turnkey hospitals and centers.
• To import high quality of Medical products.
• To supply service in manufacturing, processing, repairing, operating and maintaining of medical devices.
• To provide highly qualified engineers specializing in medical devices.
• To offer a full counseling Engineering service and processing in hospitals.
• To maintain and service many International Medical Brands such as:

Toshiba – Siemens – Philips – G.E.

Our Mission:
• Turnkey Hospital and Rehabilitation Centers.
• Maintaining x-ray machine by highly qualified engineers.
• Calibration of Medical Equipment.
• Providing solutions for problems through our research and development department.

Importing and maintaining:
• X-ray machine.
• Anesthesia and respiratory machine.
• Sports and Fitness equipment.
• Rehabilitation equipment.

Let DREAMS Medical carried out the supply, installation, operation and maintenance of medical devices in your hospital if you are :
• Surgery per Day Hospitals.
• Ministry of Health and Population Hospitals.
• Charity, Annum, Educational, Private Hospitals & X-Ray Centers.
• Sanitary Assurance Hospitals.
• Curative Institutions.