BMI Biomedical International

BMI Biomedical International can trace its history back to 1991, when we started distributing worldwide a complete range of radiological units and medical equipment, providing solutions to the demanding needs of modern radiology.

The expertise we have gained during all these years has led to the development of a wide range of products, including:

  • Mobile radiographic units for bedside examinations;
  • Mobile C-arms for orthopaedics-cardiology-surgery and interventional radiology;
  • Radiographic systems, for routine and specialized radiography;
  • R/F systems, for all radiographic and fluoroscopic examinations with advanced Digital Imaging Systems;
  • Endoral and Panoramic dental units

During the last years we have been proudly monitoring a steady growing of our volume of sales in most of the markets we are involved in; according to us, this can only mean that our efforts aiming to enhance quality and reliability of our products as well as of the servicing have been rewarded with success.

Our dealer network is constantly and carefully screened in order to assure a highly qualified installation and after-sale servicing while our own Technical Dept. is composed of skilled engineers, who are ready to provide local training as well as remote support whenever is required, granting a prompt and adequate reaction to any necessity.

BMI Biomedical can also provide components such as monoblocs, generators, Toshiba X-ray / Image Intensifier tubes for the manufacturing industry.