Spellman Röntgenwerk Bochum

Specialized in the development of high frequency generators “Made in Germany”, system integration of X-ray components and digital imaging processing systems.
In 1996 the Spellman Röntgenwerk Bochum, Germany, was established by highly experienced professionals in the radiology field.
The sector of the generators -development, production and testing- was staffed by the leadership of the development and other members of the company CGR Koch & Sterzel from Essen, Germany.
The aim at that time as well as today is to continue the development and production of modern high frequency generators “Made in Germany”, as well as the system integration of X-ray components in equipment. This applies not only for new installations, but also for retrofit.

Generator “Made in Germany”

Digital high frequency generators for exposure and fluoroscopy
The generators Editor HFe 401-801 are characterized by:
Programmed organ parameters
Easy to maintain by modular concept
Highly developed electronics and the most up-to-date converter technology
Integration of the measuring system in the generator
Optimal protection of the tubes
Compatibility with x-ray tubes of different producers
Compatibility with measuring chambers of different producers
Digital automatic exposure control
Integration of the generator – under table generator – in the Bucky table
CS 3000
High effectiviness, special technique and optimal operating comfort.