Skanray is a leading international healthcare technology company specializing in High Frequency X-Ray Imaging Systems, Critical Care, Dental Care, Primary Healthcare & Telemedicine devices.

The company’s vision is to aid Primary Healthcare with products of International quality and performance at an affordable level to the rural population of the world. Skanray does that by combining the latest in technology with simplicity of design, innovation and high performance for efficient patient care. Skanray’s products are designed to comply with international quality & safety standards such as UL, CE, FDA, ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and AERB.

At Skanray ‘Nothing is Opaque’. Skanray not only enables diagnosis of human anatomical and physiological abnormalities, but is also governed by its philosophy of ‘transparency’ in all its transactions with its customers, investors, suppliers and business associates.

Skanray follows a fair and transparent pricing policy to ensure that its doctors save their precious time and money to focus all their efforts on patient care and treatment.

With its state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D facilities spread across two continents and a large portfolio of medical devices, Skanray provides Total Healthcare Solutions to hospitals and clinics by bringing in the best of design and technology from across the globe. With a 550 member strong team, Skanray has one of the largest congregation of biomedical and business professionals in healthcare industry.

Skanray designs and manufactures its products across its plants in India and Europe, and ensures that the customer gets relevant technology upgrades, service support throughout the life of the product. Skanray stocks adequate spares for obsolescence management and technology upgrades so that micro components do not cause a need for equipment replacement.

With over 100 dealers and 50 Service franchisees, the Sales and Service network of Skanray is one of the strongest in the industry. With a large pool of trained and qualified service engineer professionals, Skanray offers the best uptime as compared to the industry standards.